Why DSU Online?

With more than 75 classes accessible online and a growing number of blended offerings (mix of classroom and online) there is a lot to be excited about. The university has recently directed strategic funding to expand the number of online offerings by 2020 to 15% of the total course offerings and the implementation of several complete online program offerings.

We believe that everyone deserves a high-quality education and have designed an innovative online learning experience with your success in mind.

Flexible. Active. Real-world.

Unlike a standard online lecture, DSU’s online courses are designed to incorporate active learning, providing you an opportunity to actively apply what you learn to real-world challenges and tasks. These learning activities are available from anywhere, at anytime, allowing you the flexibility that life requires.

A few examples of active learning at DSU:

Learn with the best

The faculty of Dixie State University is made up of some of the brightest, most innovative academic minds. Our online offerings provide you with a direct connection to their knowledge and expertise.

Low cost, high quality

We know college can be expensive. As a result, we strive to keep the cost of your education as low as possible. With the same tuition rate of classroom courses, we are one of the best values locally and regionally.

In addition, we are constantly working with Academic Departments, the Campus Store and the DSU Library to reduce or eliminate the cost of textbooks and other learning materials through the use of open education resources and discounted agreements with textbook publisher partners. Take these savings and apply them to your next class or degree, or perhaps a reward for accomplishing your educational goals. You deserve it.

Focused on your success

Every undergraduate degree program has an academic advisor who can help you select courses, locate resources and ensure you’re on track to complete your goals. Additionally, you will be paired with a peer coach, to guide individual talents and interests, helping you get the most out of your program and experience at DSU.

Your credits will transfer

With articulation agreements with all Utah higher education institutions, as well as other regional colleges and universities, we work hard to ensure that your hard-earned credits will transfer to DSU when you decide to enroll. Our admission office can help guide you through this process.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is not an event or limited to a degree, but rather it is lifelong. Even after you complete your current education goals, we are here to help you expand your skillset or prepare you for a new opportunity.