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Semester(s) Offered

ACCT 2010Financial Accounting3FA, SP, SU
ACCT 2020Managerial Accounting3SU
ASL 4350Advanced Interpreting3 SP
ART 1010*Introduction to Art3FA, SP, SU
ART 1100*Design for Non-Majors3FA, SP, SU
ART 1110Drawing & Composition3SP
ART 11202-Dimensional Design3SP
ART 2060Digital Photography3FA, SP
ART 4800RSenior Exhibition3SP
ART 4810Senior Animation Capstone3SP
ART 4950RArt Internship1-3FA
ART 4990RSeminar in Art.5-3FA, SP, SU
ARTH 2710*Prehistoric to Gothic Art History3FA, SU
ARTH 2720*Renaissance to Contemporary Art History3SP, SU
ARTH 3050Renaissance Art3SP (even)
ARTH 3090Twentieth Century Art3SP
BIOL 1010*General Biology3FA, SP, SU
BIOL 1015General Biology Lab1FA
BIOL 1200*Human Biology3FA, SP, SU
BIOL 1300Evolution & Ecology1FA, SP
BIOL 1610*Principles of Biology4FA, SP, SU
BIOL 2060Principles of Microbiology3FA, SP, SU
BIOL 2320Human Anatomy3FA, SP
BIOL 2420Human Physiology3SP
BIOL 3000RAdvanced Utah Health Scholars Students1FA, SP
BUS 1050Foundations of Business3FA
BUS 1370Human Relations3SU
CHEM 1010*Introduction to Chemistry3FA, SP, SU
CHEM 1110*Elementary General/Organic Chemistry4FA, SP, SU
CHEM 1210Principles of Chemistry I4FA, SP
CHEM 1220Principles of Chemistry II4SP
COOP 1800RCooperative Work Experience1-3FA, SP
COMM 1010Elements of Effective Communication3FA, SP
COMM 1020Public Speaking3SP
COMM 1050Introduction to Communication Theory3FA, SP, SU
COMM 1270*Critical Thinking & Communicating3FA, SP, SU
COMM 2110*Interpersonal Communication3FA, SP, SU
COMM 2120Small Group Communication3FA, SP
COMM 2700Voice & Civility in Public Discourse3FA, SP, SU
COMM 2710Communication Principles of Mentorship3FA
COMM 3060Communication Theory3FA, SP, SU
COMM 3010Nonverbal Communication3FA
COMM 3120Family Communication3FA, SP, SU
COMM 3150Lying & Deception3SU
COMM 3180Provider & Patient Relations3SU
COMM 3190Intercultural Communication3FA, SP, SU
COMM 3200Community Health Communication3SP
COMM 3230Health Communication3FA, SP, SU
COMM 3330Negotiations and Bargaining3SP
COMM 3400Gender Communication3FA, SP
COMM 3510Ethics in Communication3FA, SP
COMM 3850Organizational Communication & System Dynamics3SP
COMM 3990RSpecial Topics in Communication.5-3SP, SU
COMM 4010Persuasion3FA, SP, SU
COMM 4050Leadership & High Performance Teams3SP
COMM 4450Communication Research3FA, SP, SU
COMM 4500Communication & Conflict3FA, SP
COMM 4900RCommunication Internship3FA, SP, SU
COMM 4980Senior Seminar3SU
CS 1030Problem Solving with Computers3-
CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming3SP
CJ 1010Introduction to Criminal Justice3FA, SP, SU
CJ 1900Introduction to Computer Related Crime3FA, SP, SU
CJ 3200Policing in U.S. Society3FA, SP, SU
CJ 3270Criminology3FA, SP, SU
CJ 3300Research Methods in Criminology & Criminal Justice3SU
CJ 3500White Collar Crime3SU
CJ 3830International Criminal Justice Systems3-
CJ 3850Immigration and Crime3-
CJ 4150Criminal Justice Reform3SU
CJ 4900Current Issues in Criminal Justice3FA, SP, SU
DANC 1010*Dance in Culture3SU
DHYG 4010Biostatistics2SU
DHYG 4020Research Methodology2SU
DHYG 4030Leadership & Group Dynamics2SU
DES 1100Intro to Digital Design3FA, SP, SU
DES 1200Image Making3FA, SP
DES 1300Design I3FA, SP, SU
DES 2100Design Thinking3FA, SP
DES 2300Design II3FA, SP
DES 2710Typography3SP
ECON 2010*Micro Economics3FA, SP
ECON 2020*Macro Economics3SP, FA
EDUC 2010Intro to Exceptional Learners3FA, SP
EDUC 2400*Foundations Multicultural/ESL3FA, SP, SU
EDUC 2500Instructional Technology in K-12 Classrooms3FA, SP, SU
EDUC 3110Educational Psychology3FA, SP, SU
EDUC 4700Foundations of Dual Language Immersion Education3FA
ELED 3150Principles of Early Childhood Education2FA, SP
ELED 3350Literacy Acquisition of Young Children3FA
ELED 4440Integration Language & Content3FA
EMS 2101Introduction to Paramedicine2FA
ENGL 1010**Introduction to Writing3FA, SP, SU
ENGL 1410Elements of Grammar3FA, SP, SU
ENGL 2010**Interm Writing Selected Topics3FA, SP, SU
ENGL 2100Technical Writing3FA
ENGL 2200**Introduction to Literature3FA, SP
ENGL 2410American Lit After 18653SP
ENGL 2500Introduction to British Literature Before 18003FA
ENGL 2510British Literature After 18003SP
ENGL 2600**Critical Introduction to Literature3SU
ENGL 3010Professional Writing & Business Ethics3FA, SP, SU
ENGL 3030Advanced College Writing3FA, SP
ENGL 3180Writing for Interactive Media3FA
ENGL 3201Genre Studies: Folklore3-
ENGL 3281Major World Authors: Postcolonial3-
ENGL 3340Exploring Scientific Writing3SP
ENGL 3400World Literature3SP
ENGL 3720Editing3FA
ENGL 3810History & Structure of the English Language3SP
ENGL 4500Methods of Teaching Writing3FA
ENGL 4510Methods of Teaching Literature3SP
ESL 0360Basic English Grammar3-
ESL 1580Academic Speaking 34-
FILM 3100Film Theory3FA, SP
FSHD 1020*Sci Foundations of Nutrition3FA, SP, SU
FSHD 1500*Human Development Lifespan3FA, SP, SU
FSHD 2045Physical Activity, Nutrition, & Health in Aging3SP
FSHD 2120Infant & Child Nutrition3SP
FSHD 2180Partnering With Parents2SP
FSHD 2400*Family Relationships3FA, SP, SU
FSHD 2500Child Devel - Birth to Eight3FA, SP
FSHD 2600Intro to Early Childhood Educ3FA, SP
FSHD 2610Child Guidance Based on Developmental Theory3SP
FSHD 2620Designing Integrated Curriculum with Play3FA
FSHD 2630Literacy & Literature for Early Childhood3SP
FSHD 2880Practicum Early Childhood Educ3FA, SP
FSHD 3000Death & Dying3SP
FSHD 3120Aging: Adaptation & Behavior3FA
FSHD 3400Current Issues in Human Development & Family Studies3SP
FSHD 3570Adolescent Development: 9-183FA
FIN 1750*Personal Finance: Financial Citizenship in Social & Economic Systems3SU
FIN 3150Managerial Finance3FA, SP
GEOG 1000*Physical Geography3FA, SP, SU
GEOG 2000R* Natural History of Zion National Park (Lab)1FA, SP, SU
GEOG 4200Geography of Utah3FA
GEO 1010*Introduction to Geology3FA, SP SU
HLOC 1000Medical Terminology2FA, SP, SU
HLOC 1010So You Think You Want a Career in Healthcare?1FA, SP
HLOC 2000Utah Health Scholars Health Career Exploration1FA, SP
HLOC 3000RUtah Health Scholars Returning Students1FA, SP
HIST 1700*American Civilization3FA, SP, SU
HON 3010Honors Special Topics3FA, SP
HUM 1010*Humanities Through the Arts3FA, SP, SU
INDS 3800Individualized Studies Seminar3FA, SP
INDS 3805Individualized Studies Lab1FA, SP
INDS 4700Individualized Studies Portfolio3FA, SP
ISA 2010Business Computer Proficiency3FA, SP, SU
ISA 2050Management of Information Systems3FA, SP
ISA 4070Data Visualization3SP
IT 1100Introduction to Unix/Linux3SU, FA
IT 1200A+ Computer Hardware/Windows OS3SU
INTS 3100Interdisciplinary Studies3FA, SP, SU
INTS 3900Interdisciplinary Topics3FA, SP
LLS 1010Beginning Research1FA, SP, SU
LLS 2770Foundations of Effective Mentoring for Supplemental Instruction Leaders1FA, SP
LLS 2780Foundations of Effective Mentoring for Peer Coaches1FA, SP
LLS 2790Foundations of Effective Tutoring1FA, SP
MGMT 2600Entrepreneurship3SP
MGMT 2640Small Business Management3SP
MGMT 3050Business Law3FA, SP, SU
MGMT 3300Human Resource Management3FA, SP
MGMT 3400Management & Organizations3FA, SP, SU
MGMT 3600Operations and Supply Chain3FA, SP, SU
MGMT 4000Intermediate Supply Chain3SP
MGMT 4040Quantitative Decision Analysis3FA
MKTG 3010Marketing Principles3SU
MKTG 3500Promotions3FA, SP
MKTG 3900Retail Management3SU
MKTG 4100Marketing Research3FA
MKTG 4700Marketing Strategy3FA, SP
MATH 980Transitional Math IIB4FA, SP, SU
MATH 1010Intermediate Algebra4FA, SP, SU
MATH 1030*Quantitative Reasoning3FA, SP
MATH 1040*Introduction to Statistics3FA, SP, SU
MATH 1050*College Algebra / Pre-Calculus4FA, SP, SU
MATH 2200Discrete Mathematics3FA, SP, SU
MATH 3010Algebra for Secondary Mathematics3FA
MATH 3020Geometry and Statistics for Secondary Mathematics Teaching3FA (odd)
MDIA 1380Intro to Video Production2FA, SP
MDIA 1500Intro to Mediated Communication3FA, SP
MDIA 2010*Media & Society3FA, SP, SU
MDIA 3060Media Theory3FA, SP
MDIA 3480Emerging Media3FA
MDIA 3590Media Management3FA
MDIA 4990RSeminar in Media Studies3FA, SP, SU
MUSC 1000RConcert Attendance0FA, SP
MUSC 1010*Introduction to Music3FA, SP
MUSC 1100Music Fundamentals3FA
MUSC 4665Piano Literature I2FA (odd)
NURS 3100Professional Nursing Roles3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3200Health Assessment3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3300Transcultural Nursing3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3400Nursing Informatics3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3600Evidence-Based Practice & Research in Nursing3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3700Gerontological Nursing3FA, SP, SU
NURS 3900Pathophysiology3FA, SP, SU
NURS 4020Community Health Nursing5FA, SP, SU
NURS 4030Nursing Policy & Ethics3FA, SP, SU
NURS 4040Nursing Leadership Management5FA, SP, SU
NURS 4600Senior Capstone6FA, SP, SU
PHIL 1000*Intro to Philosophy3SP, SU
PHIL 1120*Social Ethics3FA, SP
PHIL 1250*Reasoning & Rational Decision-Making3FA, SP, SU
XSCI 2020Introduction to Exercise Science3FA, SP, SU
XSCI 2060Sport & Exercise Psychology3FA, SP
XSCI 2120Principles of Fitness & Lifestyle Management3FA, SP, SU
XSCI 2200Nutrition for Sport & Exercise3FA, SP, SU
XSCI 3052Psychophysiology of Motor Control3SP
XSCI 3350Motor Learning & Development3FA, SU
XSCI 3370Exercise Testing & Prescription3SP
XSCI 3400Activity Programming for Special Populations3FA
XSCI 3730Biomechanics3SP
XSCI 4100Physiology & Techniques of Strength & Power3SU
XSCI 4200Healthy Aging3SU
XSCI 4230Applied Fitness Development for Aging & At-Risk Populations3SU
XSCI 4300Clinical Exercise Physiology3SP
XSCI 4400Pediatric & Adolescent Fitness & Nutrition3SP
XSCI 4500Theories of Behavioral Changes3SP
XSCI 4700Motivation & Coaching3FA, SP
PTA 1010Introduction to Physical Therapy2FA, SU
POLS 1100*American Government3FA, SP
POLS 2900RPublic Policy & Government Internship3SP
HLTH 2010Health & Disease3FA, SP
HLTH 2700Consumer Health Issues3FA
HLTH 3010Population & Community Health3FA, SP, SU
HLTH 3020U.S. & World Health Systems3FA, SP, SU
HLTH 3040Environmental Health3SP
HLTH 3310Health Promotion3FA, SP
HLTH 3385Health Quality & Safety3SP
HLTH 3400Healthcare Project Management3FA, SP
HLTH 3500Health Organization Financial Analysis3FA, SP, SU
HLTH 3600Patient Navigation3SP
HLTH 3750Health Determinants & Disparities3SP, SU
HLTH 3900Infectious Disease3SP
HLTH 4010Biostatistics & Epidemiology3SP, SU
HLTH 4020Research Methodology in Population Health3SP
HLTH 4030Leadership & Group Dynamics3FA
HLTH 4300Healthcare Marketing3SP
HLTH 4400Health Law & Ethics3FA, SU
HLTH 4500Global Health3FA, SP
HLTH 4600Health Economics3FA, SP, SU
HLTH 4700Nursing Home Administration3FA
HLTH 4710Residential Care Administration3SP
HLTH 4720Home and Community Based Care3FA
HLTH 4790Management of Healthcare Organizations & Strategy3FA, SP, SU
HLTH 4800Health Policy3SP, SU
HLTH 4910Population Health Capstone3SP, SU
IT 1100Intro to Linux3FA, SP
PSY 1010*General Psychology3FA, SP, SU
PSY 2000Writing in Psychology: APA Style3FA, SP, SU
PSY 2100Cognitive Psychology3FA, SP, SU
PSY 3320Introduction to Clinical Psychology3FA (odd)
PSY 3400Psychology of Abnormal Behavior3FA, SP
PSY 3710Behavioral Neuroscience3FA, SP
PSY 3712Human Learning & Memory3SP
PSY 3720Psychopharmacology3FA
RADT 1010Introductory to Radiography2FA, SP
RSM 1110*Leisure in Society3FA, SP, SU
RSM 2070Fundamentals of Sport Management3FA, SP, SU
RSM 2500Introduction to Recreation & Sport Management3FA, SP
RSM 2800Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations3FA, SP
RSM 3120Sport & Society3FA, SP, SU
RSM 3600Intercollegiate Athletic Administration3SP
RSM 3950Supervision & Human Resources in Recreation & Sport3SP
RSM 4020Sport Governance & Policy3FA
SOC 1010Introduction to Sociology3FA, SP, SU
SOC 1020*Social Problems3FA, SP, SU
SOC 2600*Sociology of the Family3FA, SP, SU
SOC 3440Sociology of Religion3FA
SPAN 2990Seminar in Spanish1-3SU
SPAN 3990Seminar in Spanish1-3FA, SP, SU
SPAN 4000Foundations of Dual Language Immersion Education3FA
SPAN 4700Teaching Modern Language3FA
STAT 2040Business Statistics3FA, SP, SU
SSC 1010Trailblazer Connections2FA, SP
SSC 1020Study Skills & College Success2FA, SP
SSC 1900RPre-professional Internship1-2SP
THEA 1013*Introduction to Theatre3FA, SP
THEA 1023*Understanding Film3SU, FA, SP
THEA 3024*Diversity in Film3SU, FA, SP
SE 1400Web Design Fundamentals3FA, SP, SU

* Fulfills General Education requirements.
** Partially fulfills General Education requirements.