Dixie State University

Cost & Aid

Low cost. High Value.

A winning combination: quality education and affordability.

DSU has the lowest tuition of 4-year institutions in Utah. Take these savings and apply them to your next class or degree, or perhaps a reward for accomplishing your educational goals. You deserve it.


Online Courses

Tuition/Fees: same as campus

Delivery Fee: $30/credit

Individual course fees may apply.

Online Programs

Tuition: $255/credit (general fees waived)

Available regardless of residency

Aid & Scholarships

A number of financial aid options are available – scholarships, grants, and loans.

Scholarships are awarded by the university and usually require applications. Tuition waivers are only awarded to students living in Utah.

Grants are awarded by the government to students who fill out FAFSA.

Loans can be awarded by various entities including the government and banks.

NOTE: All financial aid options may not be available for all programs.

Financial Aid

The DSU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is committed to providing information and assistance to help all qualifying students secure the financial resources that will allow them to reach their higher educational goals.

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The DSU Financial Aid Office has put together an extensive list of scholarship opportunities for students, many of which are offered by DSU. Visit our scholarship page and find out if you qualify.

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The tuition refund policy is established by the Utah Board of Regents and amended by each university according to policy.

Dixie State University refunds for students who withdraw from class(es) or drop classes are calculated as follows:

  • Day 1-14: 100% refund or removal of tuition and some fees.
  • Day 15-22: 50% refund of tuition and fees.
  • Course and lab fees are non-refundable after the first day of the semester.