Complaint Process

DSU is committed to integrating institutional objectives in innovative ways to demonstrate excellence, access and impact in all of our online offerings. We value the student experience and urge all students to adhere to the code of student rights and responsibilities.

Students are encouraged to address concerns with the course instructor, followed by the Chair of the Academic Department or College Dean, as well as the Office of Distance & Digital Learning.

Students living outside of the state of Utah who have a complaint should first file a complaint with DSU. If DSU does not resolve the complaint, students may file a complaint with the Utah Board of Regents. The Board of Regents will only consider complaints that were previously unresolved by the institution and may refer a complaint to another agency for investigation.

To file a complaint against a UT-SARA institution, you must:

  • File within two years of the date of the incident;
  • First file and follow through with the institution’s complaint process. If the complaint is not resolved after going through the institutional complaint process, students may file with UT-SARA.
  • Address a complaint that the institution violated a standard or regulation of the terms of SARA; and
  • Be a student at a UT-SARA institution

Utah students may not use UT-SARA to complain about distance education courses offered by a Utah institution, only distance education courses offered by a postsecondary institution in another state.

Students outside Utah involved with distance and correspondence education from a UT-SARA institution may file a complaint with UT-SARA. They can also file a complaint with their state’s enforcement authority.

Once a complaint is filed, UT-SARA will conduct a review within five business days. If the complaint fits within the SARA jurisdiction, investigation and follow up will take place. If the complaint does not fall under the SARA jurisdiction, it may be referred to another entity for investigation and follow up.