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Ready To Apply

Applying is the first step, but there will be plenty of questions as you navigate the process of enrolling and beginning classes. Visit the Ready to Apply page for answers.

Ready To Apply

Apply To DSU

Are you ready to do this? Visit our Admissions site to create your application and start your journey as a Trailblazer!

Apply To DSU

We are so excited that you’re considering joining the Trailblazer Family and studying with DSU Online! We know the decision and application processes can be intimidating at times, and we’d like to help. We’ve gathered some of the information you might need as you consider enrolling in an online program, but we know you’ll probably have additional questions. Please don’t be shy about reaching out for answers–our contact info is at the bottom of the page.

You Might Be Wondering ...

How do I apply?

Visit the Admissions page to learn more about the application process.

DSU Admissions

What does tuition cost?

Online Programs and Online Courses have different tuition costs. Visit our Cost & Aid page to learn more about what your tuition will run.

Online Program Cost & Aid

When are admission deadlines?

DSU is an open enrollment institution. Undergraduate students should apply by the first day of the semester for which they intend to enroll in courses. To learn more about admission requirements and procedures, visit our catalog.

Learn about admissions

Can I check my application status?

If you have started or completed the application process, you can check the status of your current application by logging back in to the application portal. Visit the page to log back in.

Visit the application page

Will my credits transfer from previous college courses?

If you have completed classwork at another school, your credits may transfer. Visit our Transfer Guide page or connect with your advisor.

DSU Transfer Guide


Now that you know more about Dixie State, and the courses you want to enroll in, you’re ready to apply to DSU!


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